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Archiving online content about the Russian-Ukrainian war


Content posted by users and media on social networks is the most vulnerable to loss forever. You need to think about systematically downloading it from open sources on social media and preserving it right now for the following reasons:
Documentation of events: Social media is often used to document events in real time. They are an important source of information about the Russian-Ukrainian war.
Personal stories: Content posted by users may include personal stories and testimonies that provide a unique insider's view of the war.
Historical value: Content about the war may be of great historical value, helping future generations to understand the causes, course and consequences of the war.
Media analysis: Media content about the war may be used to analyze how the war is covered in the Ukrainian media.
Educational purposes: Content about the war may be used for educational purposes, helping students study history, political science, international relations, and more.
Research purposes: Social media data may be used to conduct research in various fields, including media, psychology, sociology, political science, and more.
Preservation of opinions: Social media is a place for sharing opinions about war. Preserving this content will help keep these opinions in context for future analysis and study.
We are looking for researchers and fundraisers for the project.
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