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About us

The Ukrainian Film Institute is a non-profit organization established in Irpin, Kyiv region, in 2015, which studies the film industry, the conditions for Ukrainian cinema to enter the global market, legal protection of filmmakers and making social impact films. Our motto is "Global Cinema for the Society of the Future". The Tribunal Manifesto project was launched and is being implemented to draw the attention of the Ukrainian and international community to the problems with the observance of the rights and freedoms of Ukrainian persons liable for military service and military citizens in Ukraine during the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Denys Maslikov's statement

Executive Director of the Ukrainian Film Institute, author and leader of the Tribunal Manifesto project

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With the Tribunal Manifesto project, we are launching a search for truth and justice together with society to determine where the line is drawn when martial expediency and the legitimacy of restricting the rights and freedoms of citizens in Ukraine degenerates into martial law authoritarianism and impunity of state structures, encroaches on basic unconditional constitutional rights and freedoms, and degrades human dignity.

The Tribunal Manifesto

Guided by the Constitution of Ukraine, namely Article 1, which states that Ukraine is a sovereign and independent, democratic, social, legal state; 
Article 3, which states that a person, his or her life and health, honor and dignity, inviolability and security are recognized in Ukraine as the highest social value, and that the establishment and maintenance of human rights and freedoms is the main duty of the state;
Article 5 stipulates that the people are the bearer of sovereignty and the sole source of power in Ukraine, the people exercise power directly and through state authorities and local self-government bodies, and no one may usurp state power;

Call for open investigation, trial and punishment

The NGO Ukrainian Film Institute calls on the society, civic, human rights organizations and state authorities to openly and comprehensively investigate, prosecute and punish, in accordance with the laws of Ukraine, any individuals, officials of any local, municipal and state organizations and authorities of Ukraine, military structures that have violated the constitutional rights and freedoms of persons liable for military service, military personnel, veterans, families of the dead, missing, captured military personnel, as well as military prisoners during the Anti-Terrorist Operation in eastern Ukraine (2014-2018), the Joint Forces Operation (2018-2022) and during Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine and martial law throughout Ukraine (since February 24, 2022).

How we help protect the rights and freedoms of the military

The Ukrainian Film Institute is not a human rights organization, although we are familiar with it. Our goal is to help all those in need find lawyers, if you don't have any yet, and secondly, to help move forward the protection of the rights and freedoms of people liable for military service, military personnel, veterans, families of fallen, missing and captured heroes, imprisoned soldiers, when all other methods are ineffective or have not worked at all.


as part of a media human rights campaign


Tribunal Manifesto

A feature-length documentary

The film will explore the nature of martial law authoritarianism in Ukraine, the reasons for society's self-restriction of its rights and freedoms, censorship and self-censorship under martial law and its consequences today.


And defenders need protection

A documentary series

The series will investigate the most resonant cases of violations of the rights, freedoms, and humiliation of the military during the ten years of war that led to physical violence, injury, or even death.


News Platform

Daily news on social media about violations and protection of rights

On the platform, we will publish daily details of our investigations, which will not necessarily be included in the movie or series


Media case catalog

All investigations in one place

Creating a catalog of collected cases on the protection of rights and freedoms on the basis of the news platform


Archiving online content about the war

The fragility of the existence of millions of testimonies

Content posted by users and media in social networks is the most vulnerable to loss forever


Scientific research

Sociology of mobilization and the army

Sociological research on the sociology of mobilization and the sociology of the army as a social organism during the war

Our Mutual Aid Community

We are forming an all-Ukrainian community of like-minded people, professionals and volunteers

We invite all concerned servicemen, veterans, citizens, lawyers, advocates, human rights defenders, human rights and other civil society organizations, journalists, filmmakers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and businesses to join the Tribunal Manifesto project to jointly achieve our goals.
Let us remember that the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens must be defended in the same way as the statehood, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.


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