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Media case catalog


The Ukrainian Film Institute plans to create a media catalog of collected cases on the protection of constitutional rights and freedoms of persons liable for military service, military personnel, veterans, families of fallen heroes, and imprisoned military personnel in Ukraine during the Russian-Ukrainian war based on the publications of the online news platform with the following goals:
1. Documentation of violations: Cataloging will help collect and document all identified cases of violations of constitutional rights and freedoms in Ukraine during the war.
2. Evidence for history: It will serve as an important source of information for Ukrainian and foreign historians, researchers, filmmakers and journalists studying the Russian-Ukrainian war.
3. Support for litigation: The evidence base collected in the catalog can be used in court proceedings against perpetrators of human rights violations.
4. Public education: The catalog can serve as an important resource for educating the public about the importance of protecting the rights and freedoms of military personnel.
5. Support for legislative initiatives: It can serve as a basis for the development of policies and legislative initiatives aimed at protecting the rights and freedoms of military personnel in Ukraine.
6. Support for families: This will help families of fallen heroes to understand that their sacrifice is not forgotten.
7. International attention: The catalog can draw international attention to violations of constitutional human rights in Ukraine during the Russian-Ukrainian war.
8. Support for justice: It will help ensure that those responsible for human rights violations are brought to justice.
9. Recognizing victims: The catalog will help recognize the victims of war in these cases and honor their memory.
10. Preventing future violations: It can help prevent future crimes by showing the real consequences of human rights and freedoms violations during the war.