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News platform

Daily news on social media about violations and protection of the rights and freedoms of persons liable for military service, military personnel, veterans, families of fallen heroes, missing persons, captured and imprisoned military personnel


On our social media news platform, we will publish daily details of our investigations that will not necessarily be included in a movie or TV series. Why it matters:
Wide reach: Social networks have a large audience, which ensures a wide spread of news.
Speed of information dissemination: News on social media spreads quickly, which allows you to quickly inform the public about events.
Multimedia: Social networks allow the use of various content formats - text, photos, videos - which makes messages more visual and emotional.
Interaction with the audience: Social networks allow you to establish two-way communication with the audience, receive feedback and respond to comments.
Relevance: Social media allows you to quickly update information, which allows you to keep your audience up to date with the latest events.
News archive: Social media allows you to keep a news archive that can be easily accessed.
Support for democracy: A social media-based news platform will help support democracy by giving a voice to those who may be ignored in traditional media.
Freedom of speech: The platform will actively work to protect the freedom of speech of the Ukrainian military, highlighting violations of their constitutional rights and freedoms and helping to find solutions.